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...We had a wonderful time in our session with Mauricio and Israel. It’s clear to see that they understand the teamwork it takes to make a relationship work, both in the way they manage the shoot, and in the results. We were thrilled to see our relationship reflected in such a personal way.
— Robert & Max
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...They are a great team, you can see how they complement each other, they are a super creative, professional and fun couple, they have very clear the result they look for in their photos but without forcing anything, they made us feel very comfortable, they let us be us, everything flowed very natural!
— Victor & Liz
gay after wedding

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...I loved that Mau & Israel took the pictures the day of our wedding, gave my husband and me the best memories for a lifetime, so I will always be grateful. The photo session was the most natural, nothing for what was achieved and captured beyond the day, but above all reflect through the camera what is in our heart. Thanks for the memories.
— Steph & Charlie
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gay after wedding
...amazing as they prepared us for the session, they managed to capture all the magic of our love
— Ricardo & Henry
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