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“I loved that Isra & Mau took the pictures the day of our wedding, they gave us the best memories for a lifetime ... They managed to capture the most beautiful moments of our day ...”
— Stephan & Charlie
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OMG... ¡You're getting married!


Just mentioning the word Wedding makes you feel nervous. Thinking of that day, when everything comes out as you want, that the sun and your face shine like never before (even if you have not slept anything because of the nerves the night before), that your family / friends have a great time...

gay couple getting ready for the wedding
Your Love Our Destination
gay couple getting ready for their wedding
I want to thanks Israel & Mau for capturing the way they did it, for adapting to our last minute changes. They make an amazing and profesional couple together...
— Victor & Leo
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Thanks to our couples for all your candid reviews

Destination Photographers

We want to be at your side in that special day, capturing the scent of your love as honest and magical as it is. We will be right there where you need it, there is no limit for us, love has no limits.

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It is your big day 

Mau and I will be there to help you, take care of you and make things easy for you two.

There will be doubts, last minute changes, tension and nerves, many nerves we will be delighted to capture all this tiny little details for the rest of your life.


The First Gay Wedding Photographers